Week 1-3: Drawing Skills Course

The aim of this entire course is to simply tell a story that the student knows through drawing – to create a narrative world that is minutely detailed to have its own characters, plots, and defining visual elements based on the story that they like.

Final output will be in the form of 20 A5 frames on an A0 panel.

Week 1:

Students were given the option of selecting a story from the books ‘The Flowering tree and other oral tales’ and ‘Folk tales from India’ by A.K Ramanujan. These particular stories were picked as they have not been experimented with in terms of Illustration. Hence students will consider it with a afresh perspective.

Students narrated their selected stories and put forth their ideas for storyboarding.

Week 2:

The session began the faculty showing them a movie- Songs of the Sea. The purpose of showing them the movie was to discuss how it inspired them in terms of the following-Breaking a frame, angle of frame, characterization, coulour scheme, theme and style, how coherence is maintained etc… 

The next step is to rewrite the story as one would do it for storyboarding. They would break it down further into crucial scenes, depending upon what they think is important enough to be put into the frames, so that the story is conveyed with coherence.

For example:  Introduction, Initiating action, Rising action, Climax , Falling action and Resolution. There can be many more additions to this list, but these are just a few to start with.

They also have an opportunity to tweak the story as per their like, to add more drama in order to create more interesting visuals. This can be done without disturbing the main essence of the story.

For Example: to change the context of the story- time period, place etc, to add or subtract characters, to add a background to a character etc..

Last session of the class, students started thumb nailing.